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i’m a big fan of suki


This past weekend, I debuted a new minicomic that I made with Mr. Paul Tuttle StarrBoyfriends of Brooklyn: a field guide for Kings County.

It’s going to be print-only through the end of the con season, but here’s a quick preview of the boywatching tips within. You can pick this up from me online, or at any of the cons I’ll be doing between now and the end of May: Asbury Park Comic Con, TCAF and MeCAF!

Watching people laugh while they flipped through this was a MAJOR highlight at MoCCA last weekend.


Want to see previews of the FAB comics from the upcoming issue? It’s your lucky day :)

We’re facing down the last 10% of the funds we need for our Kickstarter campaign with 10 days to go - help us support these wonderful artists and get their comics published! We’ll be debuting the book at TCAF, but you can reserve your copy by pledging to the campaign!

You can check out the full list of contributors on the Kickstarter page.




Totally gonna be at the MoCCA Art Fest this weekend!

I’m sharing table H9 with my excellent friend, Alisa Harris, and I’ll be debuting A Leaf in the Night, a 24-page minicomic sequel to A Stray in the Woods.

I’ll also have copies of my other books and minis, including A Stray in the Woods, Visiting NASA, The Good Kind of Crazy….and maybe one or two new projects I’m trying to finish up in time. ;)

If you’re in New York City this weekend and have some free time, you should totally stop by the show! Admission is only $5, and it’ll be open on Saturday and Sunday.

I’d love to see you!



Does the idea of an anthology full of comics by women ABOUT COMICS sound as awesome to you as it does to me? Then you should check out the Kickstarter for the new volume of Dirty Diamonds!

This is a preview for my own contribution — I can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with!

E X C I T I N G 



Demona from Gargoyles, out of nowhere.


A collaboration with Paul Tuttle Starr — aka The Sockdolager — who wrote the script for me to draw.

We are both, absolutely, Category 5’s.

I drew a thing that Paul wrote!

And to be clear, since a couple people have asked — the idea isn’t so much that the different categories relate to specific topics or fandoms, it’s more of a “How far down the rabbit how are you?” sort of thing.

Also categories are silly and this comic is silly so you know, NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.


WHERE are they getting this stuff !!