A badass piece by Don MacKinnon, one of our directors on Bob’s Burgers! 

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Whee, I am now open for commissions! Here’s the deal, guys.

I currently have TEN open slots, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, after which (depending on my schedule and how things go) I may open back up for more! These are for torso and full-body pin-up style (i.e., no background) illustrations. See above for examples.


Torso, B&W (choice of ink shading/hatching or up to 3 grey tones): $10
Torso, flat color: $15
Full body, B&W (ink shading or 3 greys): $20
Full body, flat color: $25

+$5 for each additional person/character (torso or full body)


-I’m currently offering art of people or mostly-people-shaped mythical creatures (i.e. mermaids, angels)! Check out my tumblr & website for more of my work!

- I am MORE than happy to do sexy, kinky, NSFW themes, but no explicit sex (i.e. genital play or penetration), for now. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER to request a commission of this nature!

-Things I won’t draw: heavy gore/violence, needles/play piercing, bodily fluids, animals (anthro or otherwise), backgrounds. Also, nothing NSFW involving underaged characters, licensed characters (i.e. fanart), or famous people.

-I do in general reserve the right to turn down any commission, especially if the subject matter makes me uncomfortable. Feel free to ask me if you’re not sure! 

-The prices above are baseline. If you have a particularly elaborate request, research is involved, etc, there may be an additional charge. Contact me, and we will discuss!


Awesome! :D Please send me an email at turtlecomics at gmail dot com with the details of your request and any reference material that you’d like to provide. (Please do be as detailed as possible; I prefer thorough prompts, and they make it easier for me to make you something you’ll like!) Also don’t hesitate to ask me questions, if you have any!

Payment is through PayPal only, and up front; I’ll give you my information once we have an agreement!

Thank you so much!! <3

2014 Creator Spotlights: Rothman, Harris, Wilgus, Tsurumi, & Davis


Some creators who’ll be appearing at Philadelphia’s Locust Moon Comics Festival on October 25

Alexander Rothman
A cofounder of Ink Brick, Alexander Rothman has been combining comics and poetry since 2007. His work has appeared in publications including the Seneca Review, the Indiana Review, Suspect Device, The Brooklyn Rail, and The Rumpus. He cohosts Comics for Grownups, a comics-review podcast available for free on iTunes. Rothman lives in Queens, New York, and posts additional work on his different websites.

Websites :
Tumblr: versequential
Twitter: @inkbrick

Alisa Harris
Alisa Harris is an animator who lives in Queens, New York, and makes comics about the quirks of living in the city, her crazy cats, and vegetarian cooking.

Twitter: @CookingUpComics

Alison Wilgus
The most important things to know about Alison Wilgus are that she lives in Brooklyn, she makes comics, she has cried while watching NASA TV, and she permanently imprinted on the women of Deep Space Nine as a teenager. Everything else is gravy.

Twitter: @aliwilgus

Andrea Tsurumi
Andrea is an illustrator and cartoonist who likes (in no particular order) history, absurdity, dogs, and monsters. Born and raised in New York, she received an MFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Now living in Queens, she draws and makes books in Brooklyn.

Tumblr: andreatsurumi
Twitter: @AndreaTsurumi

Andrew Davis
Somehow, “Samantha Peartree, age 5” has managed to remain 5 years old even after starting her own webcomic over four years ago! She’s the main character of her self-titled Samantha Comics, drawn in reality by the 27-year-old Andrew Davis. Is your inner child fascinated by fairy tales, pop culture, obsessive behavior, cruel, untimely death, and puppies? You might get along well with Samantha.

Twitter: @Samantha_age5

Philadelphia, PA / October 25, 2014
Website / Twitter / Facebook

Locust Moon — taking place NEXT SATURDAY in Philly! I hope to some of you folks there! <3


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James Anzalone

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WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! ٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶


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a 9 panel tribute to Princess Mononoke, one of my favorite movies in the world 

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A study in creating great characters, by Aaron Ehasz (head writer of Avatar the Last Airbender). A lot of animation lead characters are forced to fit the far right criteria, but think of the many classic characters that are better described by the left: Tony Soprano, Frank Underwood, Jamie Lannister, Walter White, etc.



New silkscreen prints, just in time for MICE!

The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo is this weekend (Oct 4-5) at Leslie College, right near the Porter Square stop on the red line. And it’s completely free to attend!

I’ll be at table B76 with books, prints, stickers and other good stuff. Hope to see some of you there!