Announcing Chainmail Bikini!

At a time when the female perspective and female presence and in gaming has once again come under fire, Chainmail Bikini seeks to celebrate the experience of women as players, makers, and critics of gaming. Female creators have come together to make an anthology of comics that is not only entertaining but insightful. From videogames to table top role play to collectible card games, Chainmail Bikini will show that while women are not always the target market for gaming, they are a vital and thoroughly engaged part of it, and are eager to express their personal take on the medium.

Featuring the talents of:

Aatmaja Pandya
Anna Anthropy & Solomon Fletcher
Anna Rose
Annie Mok
Caitlin Rose Boyle
Carey Pietsch
Elizabeth Simins
Hazel Newlevant
Iasmin Omar Ata
Jane Mai
Kinoko Evans
Laura Lannes
Maggie Siegel-Berele
Megan Brennan
Meghan Lands
merritt kopas & Mia Schwartz
Miranda Harmon
MK Reed
Molly Ostertag
Sera Stanton

I’m still searching for a few more contributors, so submissions are open from now until October 15th, 2014. If you are a woman interested in contributing a 1-8 page comic about gaming, please visit the submission guidelines.

Chainmail Bikini will launch a Kickstarter in March 2015. Until then, keep playing!

—Hazel Newlevant, editor



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A couple panels from my contribution to TJ & Amal Fanbook project. It’s shaping up to be a great collection, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Characters from The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal.



 PING PONG ☾ - Smile&Peco

i kinda wanna make the rest of the main characters into one group shot! HMMMM

EDITED! i added the rest of the characters onto the original post! group shot GET!!

i am also gonna be selling this at APE! TABLE 723, guys!!!!

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TJ&A “Epilogue” comic announcement/info post


SO! I’m working on a comic that explores different futures for these guys. None of them are canon —or all of them are, whatever you want them to be! The main story ended open to new possibilities, and I’m having fun exploring those. (Also I’m not ready to leave these nerds just yet.)


The book will contain three “parallel universe” short stories, all taking place in late 2008:
1. Three Thousand Miles Away: Amal and TJ have a long distance relationship. One night, they decide to give Skype a shot.
2. A Song That I Know: Things didn’t work out. Amal, back in California, has a first date that winds up a bit odd; TJ goes about his early bird morning back in Providence.
3. For Fear That You Will Wake: TJ and Amal are living together in Providence, but it’s not all roses - they’re still adjusting to each other’s quirks and faults.

- I plan to have the book done & printed by December and available for purchase in January.
- There will be a limited print run (probably 1000 copies) but there’ll also be an unlimited PDF.  (I may do a second print run if there is enough interest, but 1000 copies is prob. good.)
- Content is PG-13ish. Some kissing and one brief kinda-saucy scene, but nothing explicit.
- Standard comic size (6.625x10.25), probably 40 or 48 pages. Black and white interior, color cover.
- Title TBD
- Price is probably gonna be around $8 USD (PDF $3 or $4); shipping will be around $3 US and $10~$12 international.
- This will be available via the TJ&A web store, plus a handful more copies saved for ~another thing~ happening in winter/spring 2015.
- Sorry, no preorders! Tracking & sorting preorders takes time I don’t have, plus I don’t feel comfortable selling anything before I can see it in person & make sure it turned out well.


Please look forward to it! I’m having a blast so far, and it’s been great fun revisiting these characters AND practicing ink techniques for my next work!
More info in a few weeks/months as things solidify. In the meantime, I’m Livestreaming some inking this weekend! (Probably late Saturday PM and Sunday PM)

Pretty excited about this!

Also: if you haven’t already read The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, I highly recommend doing so.

Why yes, I DID need to get all feelingsed up about Avatar: The Last Airbender this afternoon.

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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

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great plan, shepard. ask the girl who has cartilage for hair to help you.

i was so busy making fun of what a wuss kaidan is i’ve neglected my favourite biotic and her adorable angry girlfriend

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